bent jeans

The Way of the Soft Cut

Jeans are fashion code for being comfortable in your body.

But if jeans squeeze, the code has a bug



…and mutates into…

“I am happy to be uncomfortable”


The female pelvis has a natural forward tilt. At ease, the abdomen slants


The straight and rigid structure of jeans smothers yin with yang.

The slant dynamic is forced into resistance and tension


Don't be afraid of the Slant… It connects you to your energy source


The more restricting your waistband, the more you are cut off from the source


Flat jeans favour the two-dimensional plane. They fight the slant and try to discipline it, punishing it for its shape


But when jeans inhabit 3-dimensions, following the shape of the body, accommodating the changing volume of the body, they will flatter you and allow you to be at ease


Relax the jeans and stay connected to your source


Reject the rigid, the flat and unyielding


But ignore the slant if
two–dimensions seem more real than three


This season, the slant is body politics…


Next season, the Soft-Cut is fashion politics